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When it comes to Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine what are your first thoughts? We identify and treat the root cause of illness, symptoms and health issues. There is more to healing than just medicine. We strive to identify and treat the root cause of the problem and use a whole-body approach to healing through lifestyle, diet and natural supplements. Functional medicine is preventative, holistic, patient-centered and personalized to each individual. 

Our provider will dive into your medical history and develop a timeline of your life. She will discuss your lifestyle, nutrition, stress, sleep, and exercise. Next, we will do some testing to check for imbalances in your blood work.  We can also food sensitivity to check for food intolerances. The final step will be at our follow up appointment and discuss through all your results. At this time, we will spend time discussing lifestyle adjustments, how to help manage your stress, and where we can optimize your health. 

Is functional medicine science-based? Yes! Functional medicine follows the same guidelines as conventional medicine treatments, while taking a patient centered approach and offering science-based alternative treatments. 


Sarah Herron

Owner, APRN, FNP-C


Sarah, a board-certified nurse practitioner, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, is dedicated to transforming patient care through functional medicine. Her passion for creating a more holistic healthcare system stems from her own journey with health challenges, which were resolved not through conventional methods but through the comprehensive approach that functional medicine provides.  This personal experience has not only shaped her career but also her commitments to helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle through informed, personalized care strategies.


Beginning as a certified nurse's aide and furthering her education with bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Chamberlain College of Nursing, Sarah has a rich background in healthcare. Her early work in emergency medicine highlighted the limitations of traditional approaches, particularly the reliance on quick fixes and the often-fragmented communication within the healthcare system. These experiences influenced her to pursue a specialty where she could offer more proactive, upstream solutions.

In her pursuit of advancing functional medicine opportunities, Sarah is particularly excited about contributing to the wellbeing of the Central Illinois community  and beyond. She is eager to share her knowledge and experiences to support individuals in navigating their own paths to wellness. Through her practice, Sarah aspires to foster a healthcare environment that emphasizes personalized care, open communication, and sustainable health solutions. Her goal is to help her patients to live the best quality of life as long as possible. 


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